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Right-click the items, and save

AS2Ping.py is a Python script that checks the status of an AS2 connection. If the connection is NOT working, it sends an email to the selected contact.
To use it, you have to edit the script and change the following lines:

testPage = 'http://as2server.url:port' Your AS2 servername and port
mailServer = 'pop.mailserver.com' Mailserver address
fromAddress = 'AS2Alert@youremail.com' Sender's email address
toAddress = 'edi.contact@youremail.com' Destination email address
subject = 'AS2 server alert: ' + testPage Email subject
searchString = 'BTRADE' This is the string being searched for. It can be any text that is normally on the page

You can then schedule it using the Windows task scheduler, so that it runs every X minutes.

It requires Python, which is free and available at www.Python.org.

USERFORM.zip is an archive containing the DataEase v4.53 USERFORM.DBS file with the correct date and time stamp. It is required for systems running Windows XP (and later) and DataEase v4.53. There is an obscure security check within that version of DataEase that checks the date and time of the USERFORM.DBS file. If it is NOT 6/1/92 3:14 AM, DataEase will halt with a "User directory open error". The timestamp on the file gets changed by Windows XP whenever Daylight Savings time causes the clocks to change. Just replace the .DBS file with the same file inside the archive.

DataEase Quick Reports (QBE) is a manual explaining the use of the DateEase QBE (Query By Example) feature. The Quick Reports feature is a very powerful & simple way to extract virtually any data from a DataEase database. It can be started from any screen using the F9 key.