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"Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have ... The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases."
Gerald Ford

"future generations will wonder in bemused amazement that the early 21st century's developed world went into hysterical panic over a globally averaged temperature increase of a few tenths of a degree, and, on the basis of gross exaggerations of highly uncertain computer projections combined into implausible chains of inference, proceeded to contemplate a roll-back of the industrial age".
Professor Richard Lindzen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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FREE OFFER: If you do not have your EDI specifications on-line, we would be happy to host them on our server. Did I mention the hosting would be free?

We can convert any of the specifications listed below into electronic format, ready for import into your system. The charge would be $75.00 US each.
Let us know your requirements.

Links and Resources

Department Store sites: These links point to EDI specifications (where available).
We have mappings for all these companies, but many do not put the mappings online, or consider them confidential.

Academy Stores
Ames (no specs) (Aug 2001 filed Chap.11)
Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
Bargain Shop (Rollout w/QLogitek, password=tbs)
Buck or Two (no specs)
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Belk (incl. Proffitts & McRae's) v4030
Big 5 (no specs)
BJ's Wholesale (no specs)
Blair Online Catalog (no specs)
Bobs (no specs) needs Flash
Bon-Ton & Elder-Beerman
Bowring (no specs)
Bradlees (Feb 2001 became division of Kohls)
Burlington Coat Factory / Luxury Linens, Baby Depot v4010
Cato Corporation (no EDI yet)
Coldwater Creek (no specs)
Cornerstone Consolidated Services Group (Frontgate, Smith+Noble, The Territory Ahead, TravelSmith, Ballard Designs, Garnet Hill)
Century 21 Stores (no specs)
Costco / Price Club (no specs)
Dayton-Hudson (Target)
Dillards (login: vendor/document)
Dollar General (no specs)
Duckwall ALCO (no specs)
Dunlap Company (closed in 2007)
Elder-Beerman & Bon-Ton
Family Dollar
Federated (Bloomingdales, Macys, Fingerhut, Federated, Liberty House)
Federated Merchandising Group (Federated World Vision, Federated Dept. Stores,,
Finish Line (no specs)
Fred Meyer (div of Kroger)
Galyan's (no specs)
Gander Mountain (no specs)
Garden Ridge (no specs)
Genesco/Journey's (SPS Commerce has specs)
Glik's (no specs)
Goodys Family Clothing v4010VICS
Gordon Brothers Group (no specs)
Hanover Direct (also Gumps, Silhouettes, Undergear, The Company Store, Domestications, International Male, ClearanceWorld)
Hub Distributing & Anchor Blue (Vendor Manual but no specs)
Hudsons Bay Co (also Zellers, Outfitters)
Jacobsons (Jan 15,2002 filed Chapter 11)
JCPenney (specs viewable without login)
KB toys (no specs)
KMart div. of Sears Holding (no specs)
Kohls v4010VICS
Lamps Plus (SPS Commerce login required)
Linens 'n Things (login required)
LL Bean (no specs)
London Fog (no specs)
Macy's (was Federated)
Mark's Work Wearhouse (div of Canadian Tire) (no specs)
Meijer (login required)
Mervyn's new portal (login required) - does not like Mozilla
Midnight Velvet - part of (no specs)
Modell's (no specs)
Navy Exchange
Neiman Marcus / Bergdorf Goodman / Chef's
Olympia Sports
Pacific Sunwear
Party City
Peebles (division of Stage Stores) (no specs)
Saks Inc. (Carson Pirie Scott, Parisian, Saks 5th, Younkers)
Seventh Avenue - part of (no specs)
Sears Canada (login required)
Sears USA (login required. avail from QRS (1-800-872-8255 option 5 then 1)
Shop At Home (no specs)
ShopNBC (no specs) uses CommerceHub
Sports Authority
Stage Stores (SRI)
Steinmart (see Vendor Relations)
Strouds (no specs)
Swezey's Department Store (no specs)
Talbots (no specs)
Target (div of Dayton-Hudson)
Toys R Us - send email request
Tuesday Morning (no specs)
Value Vision
Von Maur
WalMart (login required)
Warnaco (no specs)
Variety Wholesalers (no specs) Shoes (no specs)
Zellers (also Hudsons Bay Co)

Other Stores (Hardware, Food, Pharmacy, etc.):
Albertsons (SuperValu) (no specs)
Aldi Stores (no specs)
Associated Wholesaler's, Inc
Associated Wholesale Grocers
BestBuy, FutureShop, Magnolia
Groupe BMR Inc. (no specs)
Business Depot - Staples,Quill,Map,Bureau En Gros (no specs)
C&S Wholesale Grocers (no specs)
Canadian Tire Corp. (no specs)
Castle Building Centers
CVS Pharmacy
Ginny's - part of (no specs)
Gordon Food Service (no specs) uses itradenetworks, beware!
Harley Davidson
Home Depot (does not like Mozilla browser)
itradenetworks (Food Industry)
John Lewis - Tradacoms and EANCOM
Kroger (City Market, Dillons, Food4Less, Frys, King Soopers, Peyton's, FredMeyer, QFC, Ralphs, Smith's)
Loblaws (President's Choice, Maxi, SuperStore, zehrs, Fortinos, Provigo) (no specs)
National Wholesale Liquidators
Nash Finch Company
Office Depot (no specs)
Pep Boys Auto Parts
Provigo div.of Loblaws (no specs)
Reno Depot (no specs)
Rite Aid
Rona Inc. (was Rona Dismat)
Sainsburys - incl. Tradacoms
Sobeys - incl. IGA, Price Chopper and Foodland (no specs)
Swiss Colony - (no specs)
Tanguay, Ameublements (no specs)
Walgreens (login required)
Wallace & Carey (no specs)
WestPoint Stevens Stores (closed 2007)

Banks and Factors:
Bank of America
Capital Factors
Wells Fargo Century (was Century Business Credit Corp - CBCC)(no specs)
CIT Group (no specs)

Healthcare: HL7, ICD9, SNOMED, ad nauseum coming soon
Mirth - for Healthcare interoperability (HL7, etc.)
OSCAR (Open Source Clinical Application Resource) (no specs)

Other Industries (with specs we don't currently handle):
Alliance for Telecomunications Industry Solutions
AT&T Suppliers
AT&T 811 (.PDF)
Dept. of Defense - RFID & ASN
Dominion (Gas) Transmission
Ford Automotive
Ford Everest (project stopped, no specs)
GM (search for EDI, needs login)
IDEA Standards Committee (ISC)|click 'My Support & Training' then 'Standards'
Lear Corporation (no specs)
Northern Natural Gas
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (search EDI or X12)
Roadway Express
Sherwin William's
Summit Polymers
USA Federal Gov't eBusiness
USA E-Gov Health Informatics
Visteon (login required)
Yellow Transport

Value Added Networks (VAN):
EDI VAN Help - Directory of VANs
ACS (Advanced Communications Systems)
Allstream (was AT&T Canada)
EasyLink Web Admin
EasyLink VAN (was AT&T)
EasyLink AccessPlus for GMS software
ECGrid Interconnect Service by Loren Data
EDS Business Exchange Services
FCI Web Net
GE Network
GXS Network (Document Tracking)
GXS Online Community (Testing, etc.)
IBM Information Exchange (see GXS) (no specs)
ICC Internet Commerce Corp.
Inovis / QRS (formerly get2connect, Peregrine, Harbinger, Extricity)
Inovis Document Account Status
Inovis/QRS Support
Sterling Commerce
Sterling Commerce Document Tracking

Service bureaus: When buying your own EDI solution is not practical, here are some alternatives.
CovalentWorks ( Web EDI & VAN )
DataTrans Solutions
DIcentral ( Web Based EDI )
Digital Movers LLC - Service bureau
Direct EDI Inc.
EDI Gateway - Service bureau
EDS Business Exchange Services
Enable Corporation
eZCom Software - Web-based EDI
GE UPC Catalog
ICC Internet Commerce Corp.
Inovis (was QRS)
Inovis (QRS Compliance Link - Testing)
Mint Commerce Inc.
QRS UPC Catalog (Tradeweave)
SPS Commerce

Standards organizations: Lots of bedtime reading here ;-)
Air Transport Association (Spec 2000)
Chemical Industry Data Exchange (CIDX)
Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)
GS1 (was EAN International, UCC, etc.)
GS1 Canada (was ECCC Electronic Commerce Council of Canada)
National Motor Freight Traffic Assoc. (SCAC codes)
National Retail Federation - Bookstore for NRF codes
OAGi: Open Applications Group
OASIS: Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
papiNet: initiative for forest, paper & wood products
UCCNet (now 1sync)
UN/EDIFACT Home Page (EDI for Administration, Commerce & Transport)
Uniform Code Council (UPC Codes, UCC Labels, etc.)
UIG Utility Industry Group (utility industry, distribution, energy suppliers & service providers)
Verband der Automobilindustrie
Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Standards (VICS)
X12 Accredited Standards Committee (ASC)
XBRL: eXtensible Business Reporting Language

Information and Links about EDI that I couldn't fit into the other categories.
Tribute to Don Trafford, EDI Pioneer
EDI-L EDI Mailing list (Yahoo Group)
EDIdEv Framework EDI and FREE SEF Reader & Files
EDIForums - an EDI Forum
EDI Specialists (e-Commerce & EDI services, newsletter)
EDI Vendor Directory
GISAxis - Gentran Integration Suite Users (private Google group)
Oracle eBusiness SIG (Yahoo Group)
Rawlins EC Consulting: EDI and XML (aka ERPGenie) - SAP & EDI information (IDoc)
Shipping Label Compliance Guides
Trading Partner Information Exchange (subscription service)
USA Automated Export System (need login) SCAC codes here!
SCAC codes. Click SCAC List on left column
Tal Systems, Inc.

Education and News: Learn more about EDI and get the latest news
ec-bp eCommerce Best Practices
ecommerce connexion EC/EDI Newsletter
EDI Academy
EDI Basics (sponsored by GXS)
EDI News and Routing Guides
EDI Talk - Blog and Forum
EDI University
IBM Education Assistant (type EDI in search box)
George Laurer, the inventor of the UPC code
RFID Journal
RFID Product News
RFID Update - RFID Industry Daily

Free OnLine Tools
American Coders - X12 Data Entry, EDI Test/Excel/XML Convert
Checkdigit calculator (UPC, GTIN)
EDI Associates - free online Standards Browser. login: demo/demo/edia000000
EDI-DATA.INFO Online repository of EDI specs (email 'info @' for username and password)
EDI Reader - Open Source EDI to XML
iConnect EDI Translation
iTech Workshop - 997 Reader, X12N search

Open Source, Shareware & Free Software:
Business Integration Technology (B2B, EME, VAN)
Bots open source EDI software
FileZilla - free FTP software (no command line)
freebXML Hermes Messaging Gateway v2.0 w/AS2 and ebMS
Jitterbit - Open Source Integration (Community Edition)
m-e-c Open Source AS2 software and B2B integration
Medici - Open Source EDI parser
Mirth - for Healthcare interoperability (HL7, etc.)
ncFTP Software - free client (w/command line)
OpenAS2 Project - Open Source AS2 software
RedBerri / BIE - Business Integration Engine (Open Edition)
Softshare EDI Notepad
System Utilities for Windows - Free!
Webswell Connect - ebXML integration w/AS2
WinSCP - Free SFTP, FTP and SCP client for Windows (w/scripting)
X12 Tree Viewer

EDI Software & Service suppliers:
A2000 by GCS Technologies
Ascential (was Mercator)
bTrade (AS2 software)
Cleo Communications Software
CommerceHub (used by ShopNBC)
CommerceWorks (ASN/Label Printing and AS2 data management)
ComplyLink(TM) suite of pack-print-ship routines
Custom Solutions (GIS and EDI consultancy)
eBRIDGE: EDI integration for accounting applications
EDI Center: training, support, and contract personnel
EDI Tutorials, Training and Other Services
EDS Business Exchange Services
Emanio and Portal
Energy Services Group
Entrack EDI Software for iSeries400 and Windows
Global Healthcare Exchange
IBM WebSphere Data Interchange Version 3.2.1 EDI Standards
Internet Operations Center
I SELL TO SAM - WalMart Sales Analysis
iSoft Corp - bought by nuBridges (Managed File Transfer and B2B Gateway Solutions)
logistics technologies
Mendelson e-commerce - EDI tools
nuBridges (VAN & connectivity)
/n software (components for communication, security, and e-business) Free AS2 for a single partner!
Prolink Services
REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group
Sterling: Gentran Integration Suite - Documentation PDFs
Tangentia Consulting
TIE Commerce
Trinary Systems
True Commerce
Technology Management Programs

Other Software & Service suppliers:
Cinet Distribution (Anti-Virus, etc.)
DataEase (database software used in Spe+EDI)
DataEase Forum (hosted by PLM Consulting)
Delphi (Borland)
Oracle (database software used in the SQL version)
Novell (networking software)
NBS Labels

Equipment suppliers: Bar code printers, Bisynch modems
Barcode Scanners - three warehouses, trained staff and support
Bisynch modems from CTI
Cleo Bisynch modems
Symbol Technologies (Bar code scanners)
Zebra (Bar code printers & supplies)

Shortcuts to:
Department Stores
Other Stores
Banks & Credit
EDI Specs for Other Industries
Service Bureaus
Education & News
OnLine Tools
OpenSource, Shareware & Freeware
EDI Software & Services
Other Software & Services

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